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Rei Dragon Crown

SKU: 00010
  • Do you have a darker, more mysterious side to your personality that no one suspects? The REI Evil King Men's Crown is the notable counterpart to the Queen Regina crown, mirroring her presence and style with his similar traits. The crown exhibits the same intricate dragon detail, long vintage tips, and a dark black expression. Separating the dragon illustrations are mysterious black beads, adding to the curious vibe.

    Carefully hand-crafted from solid brass with a black leather-lined interior, the REI crown is sturdy but comfortable to wear as a fashion accessory. More than that, it's a staple of any outfit with its powerful presence designed to distinguish you from the crowd. Wear it with your Queen Regina by your side to show the world your dominating rule over them! It's a unique contrast to the many gold crowns available for sale and will undoubtedly set you apart from everyone else.

    Measurements: Just short of 4" tall and meant to be worn over the brow. Circumference is customized to your measurements. Women are typically: 20 to 21.5" and Men: 23-24"


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