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Maximus Crown

SKU: 0006
  • The Maximus Crown is one of absolutely exquisite detail and intricate handiwork. The crown is made of brass, leather, and glass materials, using hundreds of pieces of both glass and brass to establish the crown you see. These are each hand placed passionately with care to produce a crown worthy of any queen with a mysteriously dark side. Peaked at the top of the crown are several points in a cross-shaped fashion, forming the iconic shape of a crown.

    A crown signifies the power of the user to benefit those around it - is that how you define yourself? As a strong-willed, capable individual with the ability to impress using your confidence and determination? With the black "dragon" glass detail as an extraordinary twist to the typical golden crown, we think the Maximus Crown is perfect for anyone seeking to express themselves uniquely.

    Measurements: circumference is customized to your specifications. Women are typically: 20 to 21.5" and Men: 23-24"

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