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Lorde Crown

SKU: 0001
  • Designed exclusively for a man's head, the LORDE: Gold Crown is the King of all crowns. The piece was divinely inspired and carefully crafted with solid brass pieces, metal, and leather materials. Not just a pretty expression, the crown is robust and strong with a brilliant shine that emphasizes your presence and authority. The natural raw brass furthermore works as an exquisite antique piece over time for a more rich, gold tone.

    Throughout use and over time, this natural brass will transform with a gorgeous patina that gives it a signature rustic, aged look. It adds natural charm and character to such an artisan piece, although if you prefer it as the original, it can be easily cleaned and polished back to normal. Ultimately, the LORDE: Gold Crown is a fashion essential for all men seeking to express their inner luxury and royalty. Use it for a variety of purposes - as a prop, cherished accessory, a family keepsake, or to prom with your Queen by your side.

    Measurements: 3 inches tall and meant to be worn over the brow. Circumference is customized to your specifications. Women are typically: 20 to 21.5" and Men: 23-24"

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