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Aaron Gold Crown

SKU: 00011
  • Hand-crafted from beautiful solid raw brass, this golden Aaron Crown is not one worthy of just anyone, but only for those seeking to express or embrace their royal charm. The Aaron Crown is robust and luxurious, the natural raw brass shining brilliantly when reflecting off the surrounding lights. A little finer than Lorde but equally as elegant, the Aaron Crown is perfect for both men and women who love accessories that make them feel powerfully rich and opulent.

    What's more, the brass will naturally continue to develop a pretty patina that provides a rustic, aged look most people adore. Over time, this change in color is a natural process and adds plenty of charm and character to the look. If the bright, original version is preferred, you can effortlessly clean and polish it. Wear it on your wedding day as a portrayal of your elegance.

    Measurements: circumference is customized to your specifications. Women are typically: 20 to 21.5 inches and Men: 23-24 inches

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